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Area: Special Investment Management Group
Title: Senior Financial and Economic Analyst
Education: Columbia Business School; University of Pennsylvania


Why the Fed?

Before joining the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I spent a vast amount of time analyzing my career goals and aspirations. I established that I have a passion for the financial markets and its intricacies, and wanted to work with smart individuals in a collaborative and team-oriented environment solving complex problems. In addition, I wanted to use my skills to make a positive impact in the financial system while working on interesting projects that were in the forefront of current economic developments. After doing research across institutions and functions, and speaking with friends in the industry, I realized that the Federal Reserve Bank would be a great fit as it had all the qualities that I was seeking.

My Responsibilities

At the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I am part of a newly formed group called Special Investments Management Group (“SIMG”). This group was created to further enhance the Bank’s governance and financial risk management capabilities in light of the tremendous expansion of the Bank’s balance sheet.

My responsibilities are primarily focused in monitoring the activities of AIG in order to understand the impact of the company’s activities and risk management efforts, as they pertain to the Bank’s policy objectives of 1) repayment of the Bank’s credit facility and ultimately the taxpayer, and 2) stability of the financial system.


Challenges and Rewards of My Job

The biggest challenge in my job also results in the biggest reward. The events that have transpired over the past eighteen months have been unprecedented. That said, many of the actions that have been taken, and the functions that I perform are also unprecedented. These unprecedented challenges bring amazing rewards. In collaboration with very talented colleagues, I am able to brainstorm ideas, challenge assumptions, learn from my team members and ultimately develop solutions to complex problems, which I hope someday, will serve as guidance to others.


How Is the Fed Unique?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has many unique qualities, but there are three qualities that I think are important to highlight. One, at the New York Fed you will gain experiences and will work in projects that are truly unique and may have a significant impact in not only the American financial system, but also in the global economy. Two, the Bank places a high emphasis on education and training, and is supportive of both training initiatives and advanced educational degrees and certifications that are important for your career development. And third, the Bank encourages its employees to pursue career initiatives throughout the organization and in various functions, thus increasing career satisfaction and diversity of experiences.