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  • June 8 :ISDA Publishes Volatility Swap Template
  • April 21 : Life-Cycle Event Processing - Simple Exotic Options: Market Impact and Best-Practice Recommendation for Processing Barrier Events



  • March 25 PDF - FXC, EMTA, and FX JSC issue Practice Notes to the Multilateral Master Confirmation Agreement for Non-Deliverable Forward FX Transactions



  • December 19 - FXC publishes prime brokerage overview and best practice recommendations
  • December 9 - FXC addresses letter to market participants regarding the retail foreign exchange market
  • November 17 - Remarks by FXC Chair Mark Snyder before the Profit & Loss Forex Network: "New Opportunities and Risks in Foreign Exchange: The Role of the Foreign Exchange Committee"
  • July 14 - FXC addresses letter to market participants regarding the practice of issuing authorization letters
  • May 31 - Joint FXC and JSC Statement Regarding the Romanian Leu Conversion
  • May 11 - FXC publishes article: "The Changing Nature of Operational Risk in Foreign Exchange"
  • April 20-21 - Global Operational Managers Conference hosted by the Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee


  • December 7 - Joint FXC and JSC Statement Regarding the Turkish Lira Conversion
  • November 8 - 2004 Version of Foreign Exchange Transactions: Execution to Settlement, Recommendations for Nondealer Participants
  • November 5 - The FXC Announces the Release of 2004 Version of Management of Operational Risk in Foreign Exchange
  • November 5 - 2004 Version of Management of Operational Risk in Foreign Exchange
  • September 28 - The FXC Addresses Letter to Market Participants Regarding CLS Bank's Trade Confirmation Initiative
  • July 13 - Remarks by FXC Chair Mark Snyder before the FX Week Congress: "Ethics, Best Practices and Self-regulation: A Crossroads for the Global Foreign Exchange Market"


  • March 31 - FXC releases 2003 version of Management of Operational Risk in Foreign Exchange


  • November 30 - Supplementary Guidance on Electronic Validations and Confirmation Messaging
  • June 6 - The FX Committee concurs with changes in definitions for SWIFT confirmation messages
  • February 2 - Bank Indonesia has recently announced certain restrictions with regard to foreign exchange transactions involving the Indonesian rupiah


  • December 15 - The Committee and the Singapore Committe suggest changes in the SWIFT confirmation messages
  • February 17 - FXC announces new set of best practices for the barrier option market


  • October 20 - Foreign Exchange Transaction Processing: Execution to Settlement - Recommendations for Nondealer Participants
  • October 18 - FXC issues "Y2K: Best Practice in the Foreign Exchange Market"
  • June 25 - Letter reminding the community of the potential benefits of reduced transactions and settlements in the first week of January 2000


  • December 3 - Y2K: Letter from the Committee and the Singapore Foreign Exchange Market Committee suggesting that the foreign exchange community take steps to reduce the volume of transactions in the first trading week of 2000
  • December 3 - Settlement Instructions: Letter from the Committee urging that institutions immediately remit to their counterparties any revisions in standing settlement instructions attributable to the euro
  • September 3 - Foreign Exchange Committee Recommends Close-out of Ringgit Positions
  • July 16 - The G-10 central banks have recently published a report on the progress that commercial banks, industry groups and central banks are making in managing foreign exchange settlement risk. A copy of the report is available at the BIS' web site
  • April 1 - Committee Letter Endorsing the EMI's Recommendation on EMU Business Holidays


  • September 25 - Managing Operational Risk in Collateralized Foreign Exchange
  • February 11 - Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Settlement Netting


  • June 06 - Management of Operational Risks in Foreign Exchange, "The 50 Best Practices"


  • August 7 - Principles and Practices for Wholesale Market Transactions