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Research and Market Analysis Group Action Plan: Response to the External Review Committee Report
In June 2003 Christine Cumming, then Director of the Research and Market Analysis Group, commissioned an External Review Committee to evaluate the research activities of the Group. In August 2003 the Committee spent three days with the Group, meeting extensively with the staff and senior management. The Committee's report was received on September 10, 2003.

This report supplemented other internally generated documents that provided evaluation and strategic thinking on issues of PhD recruiting and enhancements to the overall research environment within the Group. There were some common themes that emerged from these efforts. Based on these reports and discussions with our staff, we have drafted the attached Action Plan.

Our goal is to update this document periodically so that it serves as a progress report on our efforts to implement the changes suggested by all of these efforts.

Report of External Review Committee for Research and Market Analysis Group PDF
12 pages / 171 kb

Research and Market Analysis Action Plan: Response to the External Review Committee PDF
4 pages / 89 kb
Note: At the time of publication, our name was the Research and Markets Analysis Group (RMAG). We are now the Research and Statistics Group (RSG).