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Primary Dealer Statistics XML Data
Primary dealers report weekly on their trading activities, as well as on cash, and financing market positions in Treasury and other securities. This information, from July 2001 to the present, is available in XML files that conform to the emerging Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) standard for use in automated processes. These files are supported by structures, schemas and code lists that also conform to SDMX.
To retrieve the XML file, please select it from one of the tables below. For basic questions, you may call the public information office at (212) 720-6130.
Type of Security
Primary Dealer Fails by Security
U.S. Government Securities
Fails to Receive
Fails to Deliver
Federal Agency and Government Sponsored Enterprise Securities (excluding Mortgage-backed Securities)
Fails to Receive
Fails to Deliver
Mortgage-backed Securities
Fails to Receive
Fails to Deliver
Corporate Securities
Fails to Recieve
Fails to Deliver