Visitor Scholars
Our Visiting Scholars are a valuable component of the research effort at the New York Fed, strengthening the links between staff economists and their peers at universities. Scholars may visit the Bank on an ongoing basis for one day a week (typically Fridays) or for one-time periods of a week, semester or year.

  Resident Scholars
Peter Diamond  OFFSITE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Simon Gilchrist  OFFSITE
Boston University
  Long-Term Visitors
Charles Manski  OFFSITE
Northwestern University
Eric Verhoogen  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Mark Flannery  OFFSITE
University of Florida
Martin Schneider  OFFSITE
Stanford University
Monika Piazzesi  OFFSITE
Stanford University
Taylor Nadauld  OFFSITE
Brigham Young University
  One Week Visitors
C├ędric Tille  OFFSITE
Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies
Jean-Charles Rochet  OFFSITE
University of Zurich
Lance Lochner  OFFSITE
University of Western Ontario
Michael Lovenheim  OFFSITE
Cornell University
Peter Arcidiacono  OFFSITE
Duke University
Sandra Black  OFFSITE
University of Texas at Austin
Sarah Turner  OFFSITE
University of Virginia
Thorsten Beck  OFFSITE
Tilburg University
  Friday Visitors
Princeton University
Andrew Winton  OFFSITE
University of Minnesota
Arvind Krishnamurthy  OFFSITE
Northwestern University
Charles Kahn  OFFSITE
University of Illinois
Christopher Sims  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Daniel Silverman  OFFSITE
Arizona Stata University
Dean Corbae  OFFSITE
University of Wisconsin
Douglas Gale  OFFSITE
New York University
Enrico Perotti  OFFSITE
University of Amsterdam
Eric Ghysels  OFFSITE
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Frank Schorfheide  OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
Gianluca Benigno  OFFSITE
Hyun Shin  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Itay Goldstein  OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
John Leahy  OFFSITE
New York University
Jonathan Wright  OFFSITE
Johns Hopkins University
Mark Gertler  OFFSITE
New York University
Michael Roberts  OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
Michael Woodford  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Mikhail Golosov  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Nobu Kiyotaki  OFFSITE
Princeton University
Philip Strahan  OFFSITE
Boston College
Ricardo Reis  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Robert Shimer  OFFSITE
University of Chicago
Shang-Jin Wei  OFFSITE
Columbia University
Steve Redding  OFFSITE
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh  OFFSITE
New York University
V. Joseph Hotz  OFFSITE
Duke University